Rising Phoenix Company Limited

Rising Phoenix Co. Ltd.

Rising Phoenix Co. Ltd. aims to restore and conserve Siem Pang Wildlife Sanctuary using business principles in partnership with all who share our vision.

Rising Phoenix Co. Ltd. was incorporated in Cambodia in 2015 and it’s managed as a social enterprise.

We see value in the forest and the wonderful wildlife it holds.

Siem Pang Forest

Siem Pang Wildlife Sanctuary is a unique and globally irreplaceable site.

It supports populations of five bird species listed by IUCN as Critically Endangered, including Cambodia’s national bird the giant ibis. This means without immediate conservation interventions, these species face a high chance of global extinction.

The area forms part of the one of the largest blocks of protected forest across Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.  Siem Pang is situated in North-Eastern Cambodia, in Stung Treng Province.

Who We Are

Rising Phoenix sets out to combine the traditional donor approach with a private sector business model to secure the long-term conservation of Siem Pang

Rising Phoenix is currently supporting the on going work by BirdLife International and the Department of Environment of Stung Treng Province, who together implement a programme of species monitoring, livelihoods and enforcement work at the site.

Rising Phoenix Co. Ltd. will work cooperatively with those who share our vision including BirdLife International and the Ministry of Environment..

Board of Directors

Rising Phoenix Co. Ltd. has an experienced board of three directors, including two highly accomplished regional business leaders.

Jonathan Charles Eames, OBE



Jonathan has over twenty-five years of experience of working in protected areas development and management in South-East Asia. Having established country conservation programme for BirdLife International in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Dinh Thi Hoa



Dinh Thi Hoa has founded and managed numerous successful businesses in Vietnam including Galaxy Consulting, Galaxy Media and Thienviet Securities. She has studied at the University of Moscow and completed a Master’s in Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

Dominic Scriven, OBE



Dominic has over twenty-seven years of investing experience throughout Asia. He co-founded Dragon Capital in 1994, and he is the Director of number of publicly listed companies and an active advocate for financial market development.

What We Do

Rising Phoenix sees value in the forest and the wonderful wildlife it holds. We work in the following areas to secure the future of Siem Pang Wildlife Sanctuary.

Tackling the threats - Western Siem Pang

Tackling the Threats

Rising Phoenix supports the law enforcement costs at Siem Pang Wildlife Sanctuary, preventing illegal wildlife hunting, logging and land encroachment from occurring.

Re-wilding the Forest

Re-wilding the Forest

North Eastern Cambodia has had a massive decline in habitat and species diversity and abundance. Rising Phoenix intends to reverse this decline at Siem Pang through re-wilding efforts to ensure a healthy forest.

Securing Long Term Funding for the Forest

Securing Long Term Funding for the Forest

Rising Phoenix is looking to secure sustainable long term funding for Siem Pang. We combine the traditional donor approach with a private sector business model in our efforts.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Rising Phoenix is always looking to collaborate with new partners, especially those who share our vision.

If you would like to get more information about the work of Rising Phoenix, or are interested in supporting us and our work, please click the ‘Contact Us’ -button on the bottom of this page.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Rising Phoenix Team